Condolences: Chain

Backin January I learned from a member of a forum I frequented that a long-standing member passed away.  It was eerie because a few days before I was thinking about said member.  I parted ways with him on –what I felt were– bad terms.  I considered going back, but I wasn’t sure if I would be welcomed or if my account still existed.  Instead I’m making an obituary.

What I do know of his story is scant.  I only knew him from a forum I frequented early on in my path.  I know he grew up on a farm.  He would later care for his mother on that same farm in her old age.  I don’t recall if he ever discussed much about it (what they grew, if they grew anything, etc.), but I know he had many fond memories there.  He practiced his first rituals there as a Pagan teen.  He developed his fondness for the stillness of nature there.  He grew to enjoy the solitude.

Chain also knew happiness.  He married with whom he had one child and a stepchild.  Through the forum he had many friends, most of them he never met in person.  Still, as much as he acted like “the forum Grumpy Cat”  (or so I dubbed him) it was obvious he enjoyed our company on some level.  We impacted him positively.

Just as he had happy moments he also had hard times.  He lost his daughter to brain cancer, and the hardships that alone produced were immense.  On top of that his own health was failing him.  It finally overpowered him in spite of his fighting and persevering spirit.

I know that what little I got to know of him, in spite of our differences, he still influenced me and my path.  He helped me realize not everyone who’s tough is a brute, something I struggled with growing up.  He showed me lifestyle and intellect don’t always go hand-in-hand, and integrity doesn’t always look like what we think it will.

Rest easy in the Summerlands.  May you and your daughter be together.


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